ааааааааа Sgt. Putin's Firing Squad Club Band

аааааааа (a joke by C. Zavoisky after J. Lennon, P. McCartney )


аIt was thirty years ago today,

аSgt. Putin entered KGB to play.

аThey've been going in and out of style,

аBut they're guaranteed there would be no smile.

аSo may I introduce to you

аThe act you've known for all these years

аSgt. Putin's firing squad club band.


аWe're Sgt. Putin's firing squad club band,

аWe hope you will enjoy the show.

аWe're Sgt. Putin's firing squad club band,

аSit still and let the changes go.

аSgt. Putin's firing, Sgt. Putin's firing,

аSgt. Putin's firing hearts club band.


аIt's wonderful to be here,

аIt's certainly a thrill,

аYou're such a lovely audience,

аWe'd like to take your heart with us,

аWe'd love to wash your brain.


аI don't really want to stop the show

аBut I thought that you might like to know

аThat our führer's going to sing a song

аAnd he wants you all to "yes" along.

аSo let me introduce to you

аThe one and firing Putin-san

аAnd Sgt. Putin's firing squad club band.

аааа ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

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